YK Communications Builds Fiber to El Campo

9:08AM August 14, 2017


YK Communications is expanding services to the city of El Campo, Texas, in a move that will bring a fiber optic network to a brand new area.

The company’s legacy of excellence started in 1948, when it was known as Ganado Telephone Company. Today, the rural communications provider delivers a streamlined selection of robust solutions. More than 3,000 South Texas businesses and individuals in Ganado, Louise, and Markham have access to YK Communications’ services, which include broadband internet, residential and business voice plans, satellite and streaming video packages, fiber optic transport, data communications, security systems, and more.

In 2016, YK Communications decided to begin construction of a fiber optic network in El Campo after identifying a need among its residents for quality broadband internet and related services.

Advantages of fiber

For El Campo, this fiber optic network will bring cutting-edge advantages. For instance, fiber will offer 100 times more internet bandwidth than what is available with coaxial, wireless, or copper networks. Businesses will enjoy the competitive edge afforded by fiber’s speed and reliability, as will individuals looking to work from home. Telehealth will be more widely accessible with the new network, as will access to online entertainment, education, and e-commerce. YK Communications expects that El Campo residents will enjoy enhanced lifestyles with an increase in the value of their homes and businesses. Fiber also allows for community-based security systems, concierge and home automation, and the ability to stream arts and educational presentations and performances directly into the home. 

Executive Director of the City Development Corporation of El Campo, Carolyn Gibson, commented, “We are thrilled that fiber is coming to the area and look forward to seeing all of these benefits come into fruition for local businesses and individuals.” 

This fiber optic network in El Campo is not dependent upon any other providers and will be solely built and maintained by YK Communications. It will feature 100 percent underground construction, which means the network will be stormproof and able to deliver the highest quality and reliability of communications services available in El Campo.

Construction phases

The El Campo network was extended from YK Communications’ existing network in Louise. Construction plans for I-69 meant that the network would need to be built along “back roads” from Louise to El Campo; this has made services possible for El Campo’s southwest corridor including the Western Acres residential area.

During Phase 1, YK Communications worked to bring coverage to businesses along the West Loop. YK Communications partnered with the City of El Campo to provide dedicated fiber connectivity between the new Public Safety Building and the existing City Hall, which led to the first phase being expanded to include Business 59/Jackson Street as far north as City Hall. 

Phase 2 will include construction along Highway 71/Mechanic from the West Loop to East 1st Street. This phase is currently in its planning stage. It is slated for construction in early summer of 2017 with construction completion projected by the end of 2017.

Future phases will be based on the take rates needed in the first two phases and will aim for the most densely populated El Campo residential areas. Services available in these areas can be found at www.ykc.com.

Community partnerships

Many YK Communications employees are located in El Campo. The company likes to partner with local schools, hospitals, city departments, and other anchor institutions to encourage community growth. YK Communications also awards scholarships via its Young Family Foundation (youngfamilyfoundation.com). To date, this foundation has awarded more than $850,000 in scholarships, and 2017 will mark the first year a scholarship will be given to an El Campo High School graduate.

Russell Kacer, President of YK Communications and resident of El Campo, said, “YK Communications is proud to be a champion of the local economy. We are excited to expand our networks and work with El Campo. We truly see this as a partnership between our company and this community.”

More information can be found at www.ykc.com or by calling 361-771-3334.


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